Byzantine Chants CD1 and Music Book First Tone

  • Byzantine Chants CD1 and Music Book First Tone

    Narthex Press has always believed it possible to merge the melodic chants of our Byzantine music with words which do not blindly comply to musical syllables just to make the melody familiar. When words are inserted just to fit music it oft times makes the text unwieldy, incomprehensible and awkward. We believe the true test comes when the translated text must stand alone.
    Through the years we have endeavored, while remaining true to our Orthodox theology, that these translations must not be awkward, or even by word misusage, embarrassing.
    We have chosen the more difficult and time consuming effort of melding music and verse rather than counting syllables to fit music. We hope that upon hearing these CDs that you will agree. We ask for your prayers and patience. Soon we hope to follow with the complete the series. This a work and labor that should neither be rushed nor happenstance. As more English is introduced in our worship we must make sure that its fidelity to our theology and translation remain true yet with dignity and at a level of language that can not only convey but also attract, teach, and inspire. We feel that these recordings make a strong statement that we have arrived.

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