Sacraments and Services

  • Sacraments and Services

    Something different! Instead of one book, crammed with services in small print, we’ve published the “Efchologion,” appropriately titled Sacraments and Services, in three hard cover books.
    They are beautifully bound with a black vellum finish cloth, stamped with gold and one additional color, different for each book.
    Book One: The Sacraments, primarily conducted in Church, of Baptism, Matrimony, Confession, Unction and Confirmation of Converts.
    Book Two: The Sacred Services, such as blessings, hospital visitations and various other prayers and services performed mostly away from Church.
    Book Three: The Funeral Services, including those of Bright Week, Infants, Priests, Trisagion, Memorials and Saturday of the Souls.
    Our congregations, will indeed appreciate the rendering of the prayers of these new and meaningful translations. Each set is executed in a classic style yet in a contemporary language that inspires the faithful.

    Price: $58.00

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