Paraclesis The Office of Supplication to Saint Nectarios

  • Paraclesis, The Office of Supplication to Saint Nectarios

    Translated by Reverend Spencer T. Kezios.  Narthex Press has published, in Greek and in English, the Paraclesis to Saint Nectarios as a supplement to the prayer life of our people. The availability of this booklet in parish bookstores will indeed be a welcome addition.

    No saint in our time has received the veneration of the faithful as greatly as Saint Nectarios. The countless and oft times unchronicled miracles attributed to his intercessions have touched a myriad of lives. In times of illness or personal crises he has become, so to speak, a personal saint to whom people plead for his prayerful intercessions.

    However, our primary purpose was to assist the clergy in their pastoral ministry. Prayer  is how every priest reaches out to the sick. Leaving the gift of the Paraclesis to Saint Nectarios at their bedside will comfort them as they pray either with either their Priest, family members or  alone.  Families will also appreciate this prayer guide as they keep vigil over their ailing family member.

    Price: $5.00

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