Resurrectional Vespers, as Celebrated on Saturday Evening

  • Resurrectional Vespers, as Celebrated on Saturday Evening

    Narthex Press is pleased to announce its newest publication, “The Resurrectional Vespers, as Celebrated on Saturday Evening.”

    This volume, the latest of our liturgical publications, contains the hymns of all eight of the resurrectional tones. The hymns have been appropriately placed within the liturgical body of the Vesper Service, quickly and easily available to both Priest and Cantor.

    On those Saturdays which are on the eve of a major Feast Day, an Appendix has been included. It is a listing of the celebration of Vespers for the major Feast Days of our Lord, the Theotokos, and of the Saints as contained in the five volumes of Vespers for Feast Days published by Narthex Press in 1999-2001. These volumes contain all the appropriate hymns called for in the celebration of the particular Feast Day at Saturday Evening Vespers.

    Over the years we have sought in all our bi-lingual editions to provide translations in a language style befitting both the solemnity and the dignity of our Sacred Services. This edition continues in that tradition. Every Priest and Cantor will enjoy its convenience; it is especially useful during a Hierarchical visit.

    This hard cover book in midnight black, stamped in gold foil and light in weight and handy to hold (7×10 inches) is now available

    Price: $29.55

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