Vespers For Feast Days Vol 1

  • Vespers for Feast Days Vol 1

    A new addition in our Liturgical Series for us and for you. This is a most useful book to make worship more meaningful. This is especially true on those occasions when we gather together to celebrate the Vespers for the Feast of a neighboring parish. Now we can all pray from the same book, using the original Greek and a new parallel English translation.
    The size is convenient, (5 1/2 x 8 ½ inches). The Holidays of January, February and March; Circumcision of the Lord, Epiphany, John the Baptist, St. Anthony, St. Athanasios, St Gregory the Theologian, The Three Hierarchs, The Presentation of the Lord, St Photios, St Haralambos, The Forty Holy Martyrs, and the Annunciation are all included. The binding is hard cover, cloth bound. The color is a deep midnight blue with title and graphics stamped in gold.

    Price: $38.00

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